About us

Company KADING d.o.o. is established in 2013. The vision of the founder and owner of the company is to offer unique engineering services in the field of product development, testing and certification.

Our team gathers experienced engineers with proven results in the field of product development and visualization, creation of technical documentation for manufacturing, marketing and product certification. Extensive experience in project management, approach to product development process, testing and product certification, and technical support in sale processes enable us to approach to new product development from wider perspective.

All this gives warranty to our customers that their product will be designed optimally for intended application but also designed for manufacturing, assembling and maintenance.

Our values

Through our work so far, we have learned that being focused on the client, response time and quality of services, innovation and flexibility are the features distinguishing our company from our competitors.

Continuous investment in our own progress and adapting to market conditions is an approach that continues to build our reputation from year to year.

Focus on the clients

We recognize that clients are the reason for our success in the business, which is why we are extremely committed to listening, identifying their needs and providing solutions.


Provide quality for a competitive price and within defined deadlines are our primary objectives for every project we work on.

Openness and flexibility

We are open for change and new ideas coming from our employees, buyers and other stakeholders. We constantly research new ways of continuous development of our business activity through team work.


We share common passion for continuous development of more efficient ways of providing value to our clients and improving the way in which we operate internally. Continuous improvement and investment in new technology is our business culture.

Our objective is to build strong partnerships based on trust, by ensuring safety, reliability and efficiency while being oriented towards our clients, as well as to develop innovative solutions of delivering high value in order to satisfy your needs.

Whether you are a potential buyer with a challenging projects, existing client browsing through our most recent news or future employee looking for new opportunities, I believe that this is the place where you will find what you are looking for.

Progressive thinking and creative approach enable us to be singled out from the crowd. I am proud of the work we do at Kading, respecting the highest standards in our industry, along with perfect safety record and constant search for improvement of work efficiency.

Feel free to contact us for additional information.

Domagoj Brlošić

CEO, Kading

Our mission

Satisfaction of clients based on quality, efficient and fast service and partnership.
Satisfaction of employees and owners which is reflected in creative and encouraging work environment, fostering values, good interpersonal relations, following objectives and financial safety.

Our vision

To deliver services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Small partof our history

Professional certificates

ISO 9001 Certificate

CSWP Certificate

Professional competences

Product development and certification 81%
Elaboration of product documentation 81%
Usage of SolidWorks tools (SW, PDM) 92%
Possibility of support with other CAD systems (SolidEdge, Catia, AutoCAD, Inventor) 90%
CAD/CAM programming 93%
Elaboration of instructions and catalogs 87%
Construction of tools and devices 80%
Design of hydraulic systems 78%
Optimization and production automation 83%
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