Product development

The company cooperates on projects of product development which can be found in use throughout the world, from North America to Asia. Products that we developed together with our clients successfully fulfill their intended tasks in industrial production plants, ships and yachts, logistic centers, roads etc…

Product virtualization

Most clients rely on finished products and subsequently use their photographs for marketing promotion. This means that they begin their marketing activity upon completion of the production process. However, there are clients who think differently and use advanced technologies in order to shorten the time needed for presenting the product to potential clients.

Based on clients’ requests, we have implemented several projects where we used specialized rendering software to prepare quality pictures in high resolution for use in product brochures and on the web, which upon completion of product development significantly shortened the period of product launch.

FEM analysis

„Which material to choose? How to reduce product weight? What level of deformation is to be expected in real conditions? Can the product withstand the load which occurs in exploitation?“

These are the questions that each constructor of mechanical parts is confronted with during product development. FEM analysis in KADING company is a method we use on a regular basis in order to obtain answers to the above listed questions during development of new products.

Conversion from 2D into 3D models

Although converting the old 2D designs into parametric 3D models may seem as a simple task, this process can be very demanding. If the old models are to be used for future improvements and development projects, it is essential that they are adequately structured in order to enable simple and efficient conversion. The principle of creating models and distribution of individual features has a big impact on model „complexity“, loading speed, etc.

We have so far successfully completed a series of conversion projects and together with our clients we carried out alterations or complete redesign of the project. Simple, accessible and efficient…

User documentation

Long standing experience in elaboration of user documentation pursuant to valid EU directives and standards helped us to successfully complete a big number of user documentation projects, as a logical sequence in the process of product development.

Elaboration of instructions, spare parts catalogs and technical specification are mandatory for every producer that places its products on the market. Besides legislative obligation, good user documentation helps the users to adequately and safely use your products and this considerably contributes to user satisfaction with your product.

Tools and devices

Our expert team in cooperation with our clients developed several tools and devices for manual and robotic welding. Just as with product development, in this segment it is also important to understand what the desired outcome of application of tools and devices is in order to define the most appropriate and optimum solution and to ensure efficiency and repeatability.

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